Stock Rams

Ballaglonney Dunkirk - BLB 97103PI (Sire is Woollascott Winning Shot; Dam by Hull House U-Know-Who) purchased at Lanark Premier Sale. By same Sire as Ballaglonney Dan Dare (Triple Royals Champion). Scrapie genotype type ARR/ARQ (NSP Type 2). Lambs sired by Dunkirk and born in the flock 1999 to 2003 inclusive. He has contributed power and length to all his progeny.

Ballaglonney Dunkirk

Muiresk Forever semen was used in 2002 matings. His lambs topped the within-flock performance list in both the male and female sections. One lamb (LJF03062) had an index of 304 within the Sire Reference Scheme and his twin brother has an index of 272. They are out of our ewe LJF01011 which is sired by the Ballaglonney ram (above) and both lambs are ARR/ARR.

Thacka Impact

Thacka Impact was bought from David Towell at Skipton in 2003 for 1000 guineas. He was first-prize-shearling ram in the Show prior to the Sale. He is an extremely long sheep with a really good skin. His head is a classical Texel revealing inheritance from Tinwald Yorkie. In addition his pedigree includes Grougfoot, Brague, Clougher and Seneirl. He is ARR/ARH genotype. In the 2004 show season he excelled in the major shows of the region and obtained several championships. (Photos of progeny can be seen in the section on Shearling Rams)


Lineside Gallant



Champion Ram at Northern area Sale by Durisdeer Instructor

Fimber LJF04045

Lineside Gallant (HBL00004) was bought in conjunction with P Jewitt & Son of Scarborough. Gallant was sold in the Dispersal of Tom Cornthwaite's flock at Skipton in 2003. Shearling ewes sired by Gallant reached over 2000 guineas at the same sale. He is ARR/ARR. He has tremendous hind quarters and has proved successful in both the Fimber and the Osbaldeston flocks . He is by Thinacres Captain and has Cowal and Woodmarsh (All Gold) on the dam's side.

      Fimber Machismo    

Callerton Lawman II ARR/ARR

Lawman was purchased at Lanark in conjunction with Doug Jewitt, Bob Payne and Graham Taylor


Strongbow used for AI

(Top priced Ram at Kelso 2012 (Jointly owned by Jonathan Watson & Ted Fox)


Following on, we  used very high Index rams from Richard Oates (Lumbylaw Margate) and offspring from a Stephen Williams ewe by the Callerton ram and a Sire reference ram owned by Graham Taylor (. All these rams are confirming the high status of our lambs, both male and female, in the National Texel Recording scheme. We were pleased to find that in the August 08 National Texel Breeding Evaluation, our Ram lamb, LJF08848 came top of the list with Index 430 including the exceptionally high EBV for Scan weight (growth rate) of  16.3 (the average of recorded Texels was 5.04 at that time).

In recent years we have benefited from several high indexed Sires, notably Avonvale Real Deal, Corriecravie Union Pacific, Drinkstone Top Scot, Kimbolton Warrior and for the 2020 and 2021 crop, Rugley Bonzo


Rugley Bonzo purchased at Kelso from E.A and L Jackson at the Kelso Sale