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We specialise in producing shearling rams and shearling gimmers. The rams are usually on sale at home and at the National, regional and local markets. The National sales we have attended are at Lanark and Worcester. Regional sales in which we participate have been Carlisle and Skipton. Currently we concentrate on Skipton (Northern area), Malton, and from home.  The local market at Malton includes several sales in the selling season. Skipton sale this year is planned for Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September for female sales and ram sales on respective and separate days. See below for details of rams available this season. Gimmers for sale are on the page below - click the red button "Shearling ewes".

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1st prize Shearling ram Driffield and Thornton Dale and Reserve      Champion Thornton Dale - LJF2100759







Some of the rams available this year are pictured below:-  (For those interested the pedigree and performance information  is tabled at the foot of this page)







Pedigree and Performance Summary from 'iTexel Report' July 2022


Values for  Overall Index, for Growth Rate and Gigot are provided  from the "iTexel" Performance Recording results within the  National Texel evaluation. That is to say, these Rams are being compared to all Performance Recorded Texels in the UK.

  Index Rank Index Sire Name Dam  Wt. at 18/6/22 EBVScan Weight (growth) Rank Growth rate EBV Gigot Muscularity Rank Gigot      Summary
LJF2100712(2) 300 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800582 107 9.91 A 0.78 C   A A C
LJF2100713(2) 333 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800613 110 10.85 A 0.91 B   A A B
LJF2100714(2) 255 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800613 93 8.62 B 0.91 B   B B B
LJF2100717(2) 305 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900658 95 9.17 B 1.47 A   A B A
LJF2100720(1) 297 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800575 118 11.04 A 1.33 A   A A A
LJF2100721(2) 189 E RUGLEY BONZO LJF1400366 86 5.77 E 1.29 A   E E A
LJF2100722(2) 183 E RUGLEY BONZO LJF1400366 105 7.35 C 1.29 A   E C A
LJF2100723(2) 177 E RUGLEY BONZO BHY1800334 86 2.33 F 1.36 A   E F A
LJF2100724(2) 196 D RUGLEY BONZO BHY1800334 82 3.35 F 1.36 A   D F A
LJF2100725(1) 268 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1600492 98 9.48 B 1.56 A   B B A
LJF2100730(2) 243 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800614 95 8.57 B 0.91 B   B B B
LJF2100732(2) 302 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900659 102 10.64 A 1.15 A   A A A
LJF2100734(1) 234 C RUGLEY BONZO LJF1600485 109 7.58 C 1.62 A   C C A
LJF2100738(1) 233 C RUGLEY BONZO LJF1200188 99 5.9 E 1.31 A   C E A
LJF2100739(2) 290 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900660 91 7.96 C 1.16 A   A C A
LJF2100741(2) 245 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900627 105 7.31 C 1.15 A   B C A
LJF2100743(2) 253 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900639 105 8.71 B 1.28 A   B B A
LJF2100744(2) 207 D RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900639 91 6.94 D 1.28 A   D D A
LJF2100746(2) 334 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900656 105 10.22 A 1.15 A   A A A
LJF2100747(2) 304 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900656 111 9.25 B 1.15 A   A B A
LJF2100754(3) 237 C RUGLEY BONZO LJF1300246 86 6.23 D 1.75 A   C D A
LJF2100755(2) 321 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900653 98 9.94 A 1.39 A   A A A
LJF2100756(2) 295 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900653 100 9.09 B 1.39 A   A B A
LJF2100758(3) 284 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1600487 77 7.84 C 1.31 A   A C A
LJF2100759(1) 339 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1700548 114 10.78 A 1.32 A   A A A
LJF2100760(2) 273 A CORRIECRAVIE BENCHMARK JER1909351 105 8.04 C 0.83 B   A C B
LJF2100763(2) 221 D RUGLEY BONZO LJF1700546 100 6.37 D 1.74 A   D D A
            Index Growth Gigot          
      A Top 1%   270 & + 9.64 1.14          
      B Top 5%   240 8.11 0.83          
      C Top 10%   224 7.29 0.66          
      D Top 25%   197 5.93 0.38          
      E Average   167 4.41 0.07          
      F Less                   





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Fimber Machismo NOT FOR SALE


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Sired two uk top lambs , two uk top stock tups, one second stock tup, two top females and a grand daughter this year in the high 400ís .Duncan MacNiven Sept.2020. (Duncan purchased Yeti in 2016 as a lamb at Skipton and has used him 5 years on the trot to produce top EBV's in both males and females in the Texel Breed in the whole of the UK.)